viernes, febrero 10, 2012

She, herself and her mobile

Two moments in the life of two women
IMG_1191 . IMG_1192 .
Sending sweet messages with cold and hard fingers. Renfe station.
Mandando dulces mensajes con los dedos duros y fríos. Estación de Cercanías Renfe.
Manant dolços missatges amb els dits freds i durs. Estació de Rodalies Renfe.
Soundtrack: "Someone like you" - Adele

10 comentarios:

Kate dijo...

She seems totally unaware of her surroundings. The wind must have taken the coat of the other woman as the bottom seems to billow outward.

biebkriebels dijo...

Funny the two different sharpenesses on the woman, but the world becomes a bit lonely this way.

peluchex dijo...

buena foto coqui.. parece para portada de pelicula de cine independiente... bien jugada..

Regina K dijo...

Our mobiles have become so much a part of who we are.


A photo composition that interprets a thousand words. Brilliant.


Photo Cache dijo...

a very common sight nowadays, people so focused on their gadget.

how close are you when you take photos of people on the street?

Unknown dijo...

Yeah! me gustan las fotos que muestran una secuencia... fantástica amigo

RNSANE dijo...

I wonder how youth can do this so proficiently....I am the world's worst!!

arabesque dijo...

you have to hand it to adele's video, shot in Paris, across La Seine. one of my faves. ^0^
i like the contrast between the two with the shadow and lighting.

David Lázaro dijo...

Hoy en día estamos totalmente enganchados a la tecnología.
Me gusta la secuencia, Valery.
Un abrazo.

PD: llevo una semana fatal. Si la que viene puedo, te envío un mensaje y quedamos.


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