lunes, febrero 20, 2012

Café Zurich

Meeting point

Daily scene of Cafe Zurich where human shadows have a special brightness.
Escena diaria del Café Zurich donde las sombras humanas tienen un brillo especial.
Escena diària del cafè Zurich on les ombres humanes tenen una lluentor especial.
Soundtrack: "Chasing pavements" - Adele

16 comentarios:

biebkriebels dijo...

Nice to see all the people covered up in coats enjoying the sun.

Lowell dijo...

What I like about this is the energy that flows out of the's like you're in the middle of the crowd. I'll bet it is a fun place, too!

Happy Monday, Valery!

Unknown dijo...

Ahora que te he fichado en twitter, cuando este un dia en el zurich te tuiteo por si estas cerca!


Genius thought. Very busy cafe. Full of life photograph. :)

Stefan Jansson dijo...

I had coffee outside for the first of the year yesterday. Dressed pretty much like these guys. Today it was colder again.

Joe dijo...

Starched and crisp, Maurice wore his white waiters jacket with pride. It lifted him from the mele of greys, browns, blues and reds that merged into a heady cocktail of noise. Standing, helpless one of the greys surveyed the throng searching. In an instant Marice approached chair in his hands dollar signs in his eyes.

Lowell dijo...

Hola, Val. Re your comment on Ocala DP: Yes, I tweaked the photo in Photoshop...I like doing that on occasion!

Virginia dijo...

I love this slice of life! Beautiful photograph.

Photo Cache dijo...

looks like a very busy spot. the coffee must be excellent there.

ANRAFERA dijo...

Estupenda toma cotidiana y social.
Me gusta...y el ambiente que transmite!
Un abrazo Val y buen fin de semana.

arabesque dijo...

that place is always full of peeps.
nice vantage point here. ^0^

Ps: thanks for pointing out Match point, almost forgot. haha!

David Lázaro dijo...

Buena toma, Valery. Este café siempre me trae recuerdos del Sr. Rafael, vecino mío cuando vivía con mis padres, que murió hace bastante tiempo, y que era camarero del Zurich. Era muy buena persona.

A ver si nos vemos. El lunes, cuando tenga clara la semana te envío un correo.

Un abrazo.

Rob Siemann dijo...

Convenient meeting place indeed, but their coffee is sadly overpriced.

Javier dijo...

¡Me encanta la luz que has captado!

Abrazos y buen fin de semana

RNSANE dijo...

I never ate here but there are so many wonderful outdoor spots in Barcelona. I ate at one place two years in a row and I was so amazed that I ended up with my same waiter who remembered me!!!

Regina K dijo...

Valery You capture lifes moments so well.


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