martes, febrero 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

She is a Valentine girl

A Valentine girl walking hand to hand with her love.
Una chica de San Valentín caminando de la mano con su amor.
Una noia de Sant Valentí caminant de la mà amb el seu amor.
Soundtrack: "My girl" - The Temptations

10 comentarios:

RNSANE dijo...

Even I had a romantic Valentine's, Valery....hugs!!1

Genie -- Paris and Beyond dijo...

Romance is in the air on this day... great candid capture and I love the mystery of not seeing the whole scene.


Unknown dijo...

Yeah! muy buena si señor

Japy dijo...

Bien captado el momento. Saludos.

biebkriebels dijo...

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day in Spain? Here it is not such an issue, only a few years commerce tries to push it here.

Lowell dijo...

There is nothing like the hope that is expressed by young love! Fine photo, Valery!

Rob Siemann dijo...

You spotted them well, her specially...


How lovely. Simple gesture of love like this is nice to see.

ANRAFERA dijo...

Natural y cotidiana, me gusta mucho esta captura.

Joe dijo...

A very beautiful photo. Congratulations.


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