viernes, abril 24, 2009

Sant Jordi

Boris Izaguirre

"Y de repente fue ayer" is the new novel of the venezuelan writer Boris Izaguirre. He was signing books in Las Ramblas because of the Sant Jordi Day, a special day in Barcelona.
Soundtrack: "Nothing really matters" - Linkin' Park
"Y de repente fue ayer" es la nueva novela del escritor venezolano Boris Izaguirre. Él estuvo firmando libros en Las Ramblas con motivo del Día de Sant Jordi, un día especial en Barcelona.


And also a funny photo of Maruja Torres in an TV interview.

Y además una divertida foto de Maruja Torres en una entrevista para la TV.

3 comentarios:

Ineke dijo...

what a cutie with his tongue out!

Winifred dijo...

I need a Barcelona fix! Too long since I've visited.

Julie dijo...

very interesting capture. Thanks for your comments about the Frank Lloyd Wright Series. I was hoping it would be of interest to people. I have a few more days and then I will move on to different Chihuly, cactus and desert photos. I was in Morocco for the past two weeks so I wanted to make sure there was a series of something that would be informative and different for people to enjoy while I was away. Morocco was very interesting and, surprisingly, very French. A very different experience than Egypt or Jordan. It was a quite enjoyable trip. I will spend the next week catching up on everyone's websites and enjoying their photos. Thanks for your comments on my site. I have read them all.


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