martes, diciembre 07, 2010


Crossed legs
Their talk was really interesting, but I couldn't record it.
Su conversación estuvo realmente interesante pero no pude grabarla.
Soundtrack: "The whistle" - Mastik soul, DJ Paul

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johnny dijo...

Hola Valery,
Siempre me sorprendes con tus originales tomas.

Photo Cache dijo...

I love the boots. So fashionable.

David Lázaro dijo...

Por la forma en que están sentados, seguro que estaban a gusto, con lo que quizá no sepamos la conversación que mantenían pero quizá podamos intuir la forma en que se miraban.
Buen encuadre y buen procesado.
Un saludo, Valery.

Living In Williamsburg Virginia dijo...

Fantastic shot with great perspective and color.

Darryl and Ruth : )

Unknown dijo...

Valery,siempre tan original,tan tu... :) I Like

biebkriebels dijo...

Original picture, I am curious what people are above the legs.

Gunn dijo...

A unique and unusual shot!:)

RNSANE dijo...

Too bad that I've become such an old lady that I would want to sit on dirty steps like that. The picture says so much, though.

Lowell dijo...

Buenos dias!

An excellent photograph which again raises more questions than it answers...this could go on the cover of a mystery novel! Who are these people? Do their footwear tell us anything about them? What are they doing?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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