martes, febrero 09, 2010

Let's skate

The big waves


Both, dad and son, ready for skating... and for the rain. Maremagnum.
Soundtrack: "Meet me halfway" - Black eyed peas
Ambos, padre e hijo, listos para patinar... y para la lluvia. Maremagnum.

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Verna Luga dijo...

but they are lovely to look at waves ..

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Leif Hagen dijo...

Very cool architectural waves on that building! Skateboarding fun for father and son - groovy!

prashant dijo...

very dramatic foto, i like the vintage door and the way you took it.

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RNSANE dijo...

I can barely walk, much less skate - bit I can always manage to get around Barcelona.

Those Black Eyed Peas are something else - also, being originally from Georgia, one of my favorite eats!!

Senorita dijo...

I used to sit there all the time and feed the birds. I also once saw jellyfish.

I used to also work at the Barcelona World Trade Center. I miss that place.


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