viernes, diciembre 17, 2010

Sexy Telephone

The sad jeans

Some old people lives giving the back to the technology.
Alguna personas mayores viven de espaldas a la tecnología.
Soundtrack: "El regalo más grande" - Tiziano Ferro

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Jacob dijo...

I sometimes think I'm an old guy who's technologically proficient but then "they" come out with some new gadget...I get tired of having to learn new things all the time! :-)

I've got a new Android phone. Sorry I bought it. It's got all kinds of stuff that I'll never use and don't care about. But I can't return it without paying a big fee. I tried to get a smaller phone and they said it would cost me about $500. Are they crazy?

This is a cool post and I love your commentary!

Have a great weekend!

biebkriebels dijo...

Sexy or not, I think it is better not to put your phone in your back pocket. Some other sexy person could pick pocket it....

Johnny dijo...

Un buen ejemplo de street shots¡¡¡
Siempre me ha interesado y tengo algunas tiros que iré publicando.
Mira este loco
Buen finde

Photo Cache dijo...

I am not into too much technology either. I have the most basic cell phone that they sell in the market :)

PRTC dijo...

siempre con un ojo estuopendo

DavidLzr dijo...

Y es lógico. Con la rapidez que avanza la tecnología, muchas personas no han podido pasar del antiguo teléfono analógico. Aunque hacen algunos esfuerzos: ya es posible ver a más personas mayores con teléfono móvil (aunque luego se confundan al utilizarlo, y lo digo por mi madre).
Buena foto Valery. Muy bien vista.
Un abrazo.

Anónimo dijo...

I suppose those old people knew it all along time but had to live when the technology could be made or manufactured. Horseless carriage? Fly like bird. I thought about all of these things long before they were on the street or in the air. lol

Thanks for the visit and thanks too for the interesting post.

I thought the iPhone and iPad was something to show friends and neighbors and not something for real use.

Anónimo dijo...

You can buy a fake phone to hole up to your hear while driving so people will think you have a real one.

Randy dijo...

I don't know I have seen some like Jacob but then I have seen others who tear up their phone texting faster than me.

Elisa dijo...

Un buen fotógrafo está siempre listo para disparar su cámara.
Y la calle está llena de oportunidades.
Saludos y felices fiestas:)


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