lunes, septiembre 06, 2010

Something dies

In the horizon


The light tried to transform the city in a golden kingdom. It couldn't.
La luz intentó transformar la ciudad en un reino dorado. No pudo.
Soundtrack: "Al lado del camino" - Fito Páez

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Rob and Mandy dijo...

Golden or not, this is a very nice shot! You were at the right place at the right moment.
Did you ever wonder how many photos have been made of this tower since they built it? Billions?

Leif Hagen dijo...

What magical, golden lighting! A great photo which includes "The Tower" too! Bravo!

Bcn_oscar1 dijo...

un color estupendo! ya casi tan famoso o mas que la sagrada familia

Senorita dijo...

This is such a beautiful photo, and I used to live in an apartment with a view of this.

It looks like a big penis. I hear it lights up at night. I wish we had something like this in my city. We would be a happier bunch of people.

RNSANE dijo...

Valery, I missed this post before. It is a lovely photograph. Somehow, in my six visits to Barcelona, I've never seen this "phallic" building/statue though I've certainly seen many pictures of it.


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