sábado, enero 02, 2010

The reader

After the rain

Looking for that place after the rain and before the sun. Plaza Colón, Barcelona.
Soundtrack: "Desde cuando" - Alejandro Sanz
Buscando ese lugar después de la lluvia y antes del sol. Plaza Colón, Barcelona.

6 comentarios:

Leif Hagen dijo...

I love the wet cobblestones and the feel of your photo! Happy New Year!

RNSANE dijo...

He is very busy with his book..doesn't even notice the wonderful photographer, snapping away!

arabesque dijo...

feliz 2010! ^0^
a perfect pose on a nice rendition of b&w waiting scene. ^0^

johnny dijo...

Hola Valery,
Estos dias en Barcelona luce poco el sol y son dias de lluvia. Buena perpectiva y un b/n muy acertado

Senorita dijo...

I used to hang out by Port Vell all the time. I miss Barcelona

tom dijo...

I love Barcelona, great photo.


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