sábado, enero 09, 2010

The people

From the Starbucks

My view while I was drinking a frapuccino in a cold day.
Soundtrack: "Side" - Travis
Mi vista mientras bebía un frapuccino en un día frío.

5 comentarios:

Leif Hagen dijo...

No huge ships to watch out the window of our local Starbucks!

Unknown dijo...

yo siempre me miro reflejado y haciendo en idiota, la gente del starbucks debe alucinar

RNSANE dijo...

It is always fun for me when you post a photo of a place I've been!

arabesque dijo...

people watching, i do that sometimes. wait... is that your foot up there? ^0^

Irredento Urbanita dijo...

Yes, it's my foot hehehe


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