viernes, julio 10, 2009

And Hansel? and Gretel?

Chocolate House

I like to call it "the chocolate house of Gaudí". You can find it in Parc Güell. Free entrance.
Soundtrack: "The voice of Homero Simpson in an interview"
Me gusta llamar a este lugar "la casa de chocolate de Gaudí". Lo puedes encontrar en el Parc Güell. Entrada libre.

4 comentarios:

Leif Hagen dijo...

Cool photo - UNUSUAL building! I need to find a chocolate house!

Erik dijo...

This shot brought me back to the first overseas trip I took with my wife, to Barcelona.

Muchas gracias. Que buenas memorias!

Mandy dijo...

What a beautiful site for all chocoholics.

Kcalpesh dijo...

cool looking structure! Beautifully shot!


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