sábado, mayo 16, 2009

Plaza Colón

From Montjuic

Things are so different when you watch them from a high place. This is Plaza Colon, the end of Las Ramblas, seen from Montjuic. Barcelona.
Soundtrack: "Como un burro amarrado a la puerta del baile" - El último de la fila
Las cosas son muy diferentes cuando las aprecias desde un lugar alto. Esta es la Plaza Colon, al final de Las Ramblas, vista desde Montjuic. Barcelona.

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Gramma Ann dijo...

What a lovely photo. It looks like your city is a very busy city.

Thank you for your visit to my photo blog and for your comment. I will be back to visit often. ;)


Jacob dijo...

A superb photo of a beautiful city. I cannot help but wonder who the people are, what they are doing, what they are like, etc.

Thank you very much for coming by Ocala DP!

Petrea dijo...

I like your Barcelona shots! This looks like a fantastic place.

-K- dijo...

Wonderful photo. I'll be looking at the rest of your blog as I've never been to Barcelona. (I'm really grateful for blogs because of the opportunity to see cities like yours.)

Dina dijo...

Your nice blog has interesting pictures of a city I've never visited. Thanks for sharing your home town.
Shalom from Jerusalem.

Shell Sherree dijo...

What a view ~ were you hanging from a helicopter to take this? There's so much to see and be curious about in your photo. {And thanks for dropping by to visit me, too!}

Mary Stebbins Taitt dijo...

Very nice!


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