jueves, octubre 27, 2011

There is not "Paradise" destination

Music is in my head

Yesterday I watched Coldplay concert in Youtube and I can't get "Paradise" out from my head.
Ayer vi el concierto de Coldplay en Youtube y no puedo sacar el "Paraíso" de mi cabeza.
Soundtrack: "Coldplay Unstaged American Express" - Coldplay

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Luis Gomez dijo...

This is so great! I watched it as well.

Unknown dijo...

Increible canción,paradise, casi mejor que Viva la vida...

Muy buena foto

Elisa N Viajes dijo...

Qué buena foto!

Photo Cache dijo...

Oh yes the "last song syndrome" I've often played victim to that too.

Regina K dijo...

We are all looking for Paradise.

RNSANE dijo...

Ohhhh, I took the train in Spain once, out of Madrid, though - overnight to Lisbon to begin a transatlantic cruise. It was great fun - my first train ride in a sleeper car. My girlfriend and I were so excited, though, we sat up the whole night, drinking wine and waving at folks as we passed by.

David Lázaro dijo...

No sé. No puedo comentarte sobre Coldplay, no los he escuchado, pero a mí me gustaban más al principio de su carrera.
A ver si hago los deberes y me pongo a ello.
Un abrazo.


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