viernes, julio 30, 2010


Good bye bulls


From January 1st of 2012, National Party of Bullfight will be prohibited in Cataluña.
Soundtrack: "Here I am" - UB40
Desde el 1ro de enero del 2012, la Fiesta Nacional de la Corrida de Toros será prohibida en Cataluña.

3 comentarios:

Thanos dijo...

Personally I would love Spain even more if bullfighting was prohibited in all the country.

GreensboroDailyPhoto dijo...

I have been following this in the news. The decision does not come without controversy. What will the silenced bull rings be used for?

Bertha Alva Ramos dijo...

Buena foto Valerito. La fe y la razón, la muerte y la vida, excelente, abrazos.


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