lunes, octubre 12, 2009

Ben & Jerry´s

Made in the U.S.A.

Chocolate and vainilla for me please.
Soundtrack: "Looking for paradise" - Alejandro and Alicia Keys
Chocolate y vainilla para mí, por favor.
P.D. Sorry for not posting last two weeks, I was on vacations in Perú. I am back.

4 comentarios:

arabesque dijo...

nice rendition of b&w. ^-^

Lowell dijo...

Great stuff, and it's a "green" company, too; has a real social conscience. At least it used to...

This is a fine b&w! Nice and sharp and great light and shadows.

Alonsio dijo...

Hi Ben Lovely blog, your photographs are amazing. I would like to ask you a personal question. Can I contact you by email? Thanks

brattcat dijo...

From the state where Ben and Jerry began I send greetings and compliments on a very fine blog.


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