viernes, septiembre 21, 2007

We are so small

The giant

When you see around, you will see giants made by human hands, those giants sometimes help us, sometimes they hurt us. Teleférico de Montjuic, Barcelona.
Soundtrack: "Tengo muchas alas" - Maná
Cuando ves alrededor tuyo verás gigantes hechos por manos humanas, aquellos gigantes algunas veces nos ayudan, algunas veces nos lastiman. Teleférico de Montjuic, Barcelona.

2 comentarios:

duopastorale dijo...

Oh my, now that looks fun!

Unknown dijo...

Very interesting article. I have been to Barcelona and liked this fascinating city. Great architecture, especially Gaudi's masterpieces, nice people, superb food, a relaxed atmosphere, perfect shopping, a nice climate; Barcelona has it all. And somehow, everybody seems to agree on this. Perhaps this is the reason why Barcelona ranks second (after Paris) worldwide in numbers of visitors per year.


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