lunes, mayo 14, 2007

Sea helps

In your thoughts

Ana has a faithful partner, a silent friend. The sea doesn't help to take decisions , but it helps her to have some peace and the breeze becomes witness of her tears. Port of Premiá de Mar, Barcelona.
Soundtrack: "You gotta be" - Des'ree
Ana tiene un leal compañero, un amigo silencioso. El mar no ayuda a tomar decisiones, pero la ayuda a tener algo de paz y la brisa se convierte en testigo de sus lágrimas. Puerto de Premiá de Mar, Barcelona.

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

The narrative goes well with the photo. But how did you know the details?

I wonder how else you could have shot the picture? Does she know you are taking the picture? Is it a spontaneous shot or was it a "why-don't-you-go-down-to-the-water-there and-I-will-take-your-picture" kind of picture?

The reason I ask, and it is none of my business, is your narrative. And if you already knew that she was crying, why did you not show the tears? It would be much more powerful image that way.

Have your ever seen two Hondas from the top?

Miguel Angel Servellón dijo...

Excelente, felicidades

Gerald (SK14) dijo...



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