sábado, marzo 03, 2012

Winter smile

Cold joy

"Some people live their dreams, some people close their eyes, some people destiny, passes by..." (Toto)
"Algunas personas viven sus sueños, algunas personas cierran sus ojos, algunas personas ven su destino pasar sin que se enteren..." (Toto).
"Algunes persones viuen els seus somnis, algunes persones tanquen els seus ulls, algunes persones veuen el seu destí passar sense que se n'assabentin..." (Toto)
Soundtrack: "I'll be over you" - Toto

10 comentarios:

ANRAFERA dijo...

Me gusta mucho la vistosidad de esta excelente captura...transmite muy bien su sueño!

Lowell dijo...

I think people who dress up in gold costumes need to be very careful that someone doesn't grab them and make them into gold coins! :-)

Fantastic pic, Val!

Oscarcillo dijo...

que chula, imagino que es una de las estatuas humanas de la rambla, no?

Joe dijo...

I like the touch of blue in the background which is also repeated on the edge of the fan. Interesting quote from Toto. Perhaps we should not worry if Destiny passes as long as we are fulfilled on the path we are on. Just smile and wave as destiny moves on.

Leif Hagen dijo...

Quite a golden figure! Did you put a Euro or two in her asking cup on the sidewalk?

Hilda dijo...

I'm always tempted to ask them how long it takes them to dress and color themselves.

RNSANE dijo...

Wonderful...brings back so many memories of days spent in Barcelona...why didn't I know you back then, Valery?

Photo Cache dijo...

is this one of the street performers at las ramblas? you got really close, very nice shot.

Rizalenio dijo...

Wonderful thoughts to ponder. I love the photo most especially. :)

David Lázaro dijo...

Una sonrisa triste, como el invierno.

No creas que me olvido, tenemos pendiente vernos un día. Espero ponerme pronto en contacto contigo.

Un abrazo, Valery.


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