martes, marzo 08, 2011

They have arrived...

The match

The gunners are here, walking in Las Ramblas, they are ready for the great and friendly war of soccer: Futbol Club Barcelona vs Arsenal.
Los cañoneros están aquí, caminando en Las Ramblas, están listos para la grandiosa y amigable guerra del fútbol: Fútbol Club Barcelona vs Arsenal.
Soundtrack: "The moment of truth" - Survivor

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Photo Cache dijo...

bring on the fun!

i noted when we were in bcn that guys play football as late as 11 pm at night. we saw that every single day. i wonder if that is the norm.

Japy dijo...

Suerte y a ganar. Saludos.

biebkriebels dijo...

I have two men sitting on the couch watching the match right now, and me, I am blogging I only hear the yelling.

Oscarcillo dijo...

El futbol es de locos... menos mal que no me gusta mucho

DavidLzr dijo...

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3-1 !!!!!!!!!
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Un abrazo :))

Randy dijo...

Let the fun begin! Nice photo.

Rui Pires dijo...

Buenna foto!

...y corrió bien al Barça!


Rui Pires - OLHAR D'OURO


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