viernes, abril 16, 2010

Salvador Dalí

Wrong mirror

In the main square of Figueres you can find this amazing distortion of Dalí. Really loved it !!
Soundtrack: "Meet me half way" - Black eyed peas
En la plaza principal de Figueres puedes encontrar esta sorprendente distorsión de Dalí. Realmente me encantó !!

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Bcn_oscar1 dijo...

es genial, pero mas en vivo... yo ya la ví

Winifred dijo...

I visited the museum and it is wonderful. I always thought he was a bit weird but there are some wonderful pieces of art there that he created. Some are fantastic and unusual others are very traditional drawings and paintings. Lovely!

If you get the chance, visit it.

RNSANE dijo...

Isn't Barcelona a wonderful place? You can see just about anything!!

Anónimo dijo...


arabesque dijo...

it's artsy indeed. ^-^


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