viernes, marzo 27, 2009


Looking for a pizza


The brilliant menu lighted this woman face. Will pizzas be so bright too?

Soundtrack: "Dancing in the moonlight" - Toploader

El brillante menú del día iluminó la cara de esta mujer. ¿Las pizzas serán tan destellantes también?

5 comentarios:

Sally dijo...

Beautifully framed photo....the lighting is lovely.

Jacob dijo...

Very interesting effect.

Julie dijo...

I always enjoy your photos. You have so many good ones. It is great to see Barcelona through your eyes. Today's photo is a great capture and the vibrant lighting is very interesting. I am glad you enjoyed the Yellow Chihuly Saffron Tower for theme day! I have a day time photo of the Saffron Tower up today. Thanks for your comments.

JM dijo...

Great composition! Well done!

Hilary dijo...

Well spotted. You have to be quick with photos like this and make fast decisions. Mind you,I guess it depends on whether she's a slow or fast reader ;)


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