jueves, julio 19, 2012

The same mistake

"Give me reason but don't give me choice". James Blunt.
Dame una razón pero no me des una elección.
Dóna'm una raó però no em donis una elecció.
Soundtrack: "The same mistake" - James Blunt

6 comentarios:

Silvia Merino dijo...

Sometimes there is only a choice ...

Óscar Velázquez dijo...

Que buena frase, le va a la imagen que ni pintada

RNSANE dijo...

Hello, dear Valery, I am sweltering here in Jaipur where the monsoons are late or, perhaps, not even coming.

Joe dijo...

Beautiful shot.

Lowell dijo...

I'm not sure what "mistake" you are talking about, but it is certainly a mistake to spend too much time sitting in the sun at the beach!

Rizalenio dijo...

A picture that tells a thousand words.

Happy weekend. :)


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