martes, diciembre 20, 2011

Those summer days...

Discret elegance

I miss the frappuccino in front of this scene. Maremagnum, Barcelona.
Echo de menos el frappuccino frente a esta escena. Maremagnum, Barcelona.
Soundtrack: "Don't Let It Break Your Heart" - Coldplay

6 comentarios:

Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky dijo...

Great shot! I love the colors.

biebkriebels dijo...

But it is winter Valery..., summer will come back in a few months with the frappuchino too! But it is nice to dream a little.
Keep going, Marianne

Lowell dijo...

Wow, there's a lot to see in this scene...and that red boat sets everything off nicely. Great slice-of-life shot on a nice warm day!

Rui Pires - Olhar d'Ouro dijo...

Un encanto esta foto!

Preciosas colores.

Te deseo una Felices Fiestas.

David Lázaro dijo...

Todo llegará...y al final estaremos cansados de tanto calor...
Bien vista la foto, con unos colores muy brillantes. Me gusta.
Un abrazo.

Rizalenio dijo...

Spotted a fashionable person in white fedora. He looks so cool.:)


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