lunes, octubre 31, 2011

The Life

Nothing is perfect

In the zigzag of the life, what matters is the way, the trip.
En el zigzag de la vida, lo que importa es el camino, el viaje.
Soundtrack: "Someone like you" - Adele

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Kate dijo...

Repeated patterns always make an arresting photo. I'd like to see this building myself and I'd also like to see a B&W version.

Anónimo dijo...

It must be a beautiful building. The pattern made bu the building and the windows is really neat.

biebkriebels dijo...

Nice composition of the patterns. I don't know the woman you mentioned, although I always read the "Hola" in the public Library. You don't mean the duchess of Alba, who recently married her younger lover and now broke her hip?

Oscarcillo dijo...

Creo que solo los que estamos lejos de casa, sabemos como interpretar esta foto y sus texto. ;)

Feliz Halloween

Lowell dijo...

A wonderful, artsy, graphic photographic...with great lines and color!

Randy dijo...

Excellent composition.

RNSANE dijo...

I have always been imppressed by the architecture of Barcelona - something for everyone in all its many styles.

David Lázaro dijo...

Genial la composición, Valery. Creo que el zigzag es inherente al camino. Debemos ser capaces de sortear cualquier obstáculo que tengamos y seguir hacia adelante.
Un abrazo, Valery, y reitero mi agradecimiento por tu apoyo.

Elena dijo...

Una toma estupenda que da sentido al texto.
Un saludo.

Javier dijo...

Fantástica manera de reflejar el zigzag que es la propia vida

Abrazos y buen día Valery

Gunn dijo...

I liked the graphic style, AND I liked your text.

Greetings from Gunn


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