lunes, octubre 24, 2011

Colorful prayers

This photo could not be of Barcelona, but it is

Less catholics in the world. What I am sure is that this world need more faith. Carrer del Carme.
Menos católicos en el mundo. De lo que sí estoy seguro es que este mundo necesita más fe que nunca. Calle del Carmen.
Soundtrack: "Science and Faith" - The Script

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TOP - GRAF dijo...

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Elisa dijo...

Muy buena vuelta de tuerca a la cuestión!
Elisa, Argentina

Lowell dijo...

Beautiful photograph with great colors but I must disagree - we have too much faith and too little reason...we need much more of the latter.

For example, many of the clowns running to the Republican presidential nomination in this country have faith that global warming doesn't exist and they don't worry about it if it does because they have faith that Jesus is going to return soon and take them off to heaven. That's disaster in the making. :-)

Oscarcillo dijo...

Muy buena, al principio, cuando cargaba la imagen estaba un poco decepcionado, pero el colorido final es Châpeau!

Juan C. Sánchez dijo...

Necesitamos mucha fé , no solo para mover montañas sino continentes enteros. Buena toma y reflexión¡¡Un abrazo

Regina K dijo...

Valery, I like the angle you took in this photo, well done.

David Lázaro dijo...

Quizá necesitamos tener mas fe en nosotros mismos.
Un encuadre muy dinámico, Valery. Me gusta.
Un abrazo y cuídate.

RNSANE dijo...

I think it's nice to have faith but I do believe we need to be more pro active! Love to you, Valery.


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