lunes, mayo 30, 2011

Lionel Andrés Messi

Words of a god



And Lionel Messi spoke... and his people heard. Champions of the life.

Y Lionel Messi habló... y su pueblo lo oyó. Campeones de la vida.

Soundtrack: "Sense tu" - Terapia de shock

9 comentarios:

Oscarcillo dijo...

Felicidades a todo el Barcelonismo

Randy dijo...

Excellent photographs.

Jacob dijo...

Well, I had never heard of this fellow, so I Googled him. Seems as though you folks there in Barcelona are as nutty as the people here over sports "heroes."

No, I've never owned a horse, although our daughter, who lives in S. Florida, just bought one.

I've ridden horses in the past, and I've had friends who had horses. I've also known a lot of horses asses in my time! :-)

VP dijo...

Impressive images! My compliment to Lionel Messi (of remote Italian roots) and to the whole Barça!

Photo Cache dijo...

congratulations! party hearty barcelona.

DavidLzr dijo...

Lo que más me gusta de este chaval es su sencillez y humildad. Así creo que llegará más lejos aún de donde está. Es grande.
Un abrazo.

Javier dijo...

La ocasión era para hablar, no era para menos


Mo dijo...

They partied hard in London

RNSANE dijo...

What a huge crowd! Looks like the people who show up for the San Francisco Giants baseball games...a lot more since our guys won the World Series last year!


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