martes, noviembre 16, 2010

Today is yesterday

Respect for the sea

What I like of photography is that I can stay in the past for a while. View of Hotel Wella, Barcelona.
Lo que me gusta de la fotografía es que puedo permanecer en el pasado por un momento. Vista del Hotel Wella, Barcelona.
Soundtrack: "If it's love" - Train

7 comentarios:

Javier dijo...

Por un momento parece que hayas viajado a la Barcelona del pasado


biebkriebels dijo...

Let me guess, is it the sixties? I like those old pictures and go back in time.

PRTC dijo...

un tratamiento de lujo!

Mo dijo...

fun picture

DavidLzr dijo...

Todo momento captado por nuestras cámaras ya es pasado...
...y este procesado lo acentúa más aún. Buena toma, Valery.
Un saludo.

RNSANE dijo...

Valery, this is a really nice picture. I would love to be transported here.

Jacob dijo...

This is a wonderful shot, made more so by the sepia treatment. There is so much going on here...the sky is even full of interesting things. Love that hotel, too. I would like very much to spend a few days there!


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