domingo, octubre 31, 2010

¡¡Happy Halloween!!

The mask
Happy Halloween for all of you. Happy Castañada for Catalunya. Happy Day of Peruvian Music for my Perú. Star wars exposition in el Corte Inglés.
Feliz Halloween. Feliz Castañada para Catalunya. Feliz día de la canción criolla para mi Perú. Exposición Star Wars en el Corte Inglés.
Soundtrack: "Just like honey" - The Jesus and Mary Chain

6 comentarios:

Bcn_oscar1 dijo...

Buena foto. Feliz Noche de la canción criolla.

biebkriebels dijo...

That mask looks very well made. We don't have so much "Halloween" here.

DavidLzr dijo...

No sabía de esta exposición... Felíz día también para ti, Valery (aunque un poco tarde...)
Un saludo.

Photo Cache dijo...

this is so life like.

Elena dijo...

Con retraso, la foto es genial!!!

RNSANE dijo...

Did you have a great Halloween, dear Valery? I was busy packing boxes. I don't think I'm ever going to get out of my house. I was a bit anxious because my youngest son, Jeremy, was away on vacation. He went to Cancun for a couple of days and, from there, he went to Cuba ( we can go from the US to Cuba ) where he celebrated his 27th birthday ). He enjoyed his week there and made it back to Mexico for an additional two days, without complications.

Next he wants to go to Machu Picchu!


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