lunes, marzo 15, 2010

Old winter



Full and grey sky on this man. Glories, Barcelona.
Soundtrack: "Don Quixote" - Coldplay
Cielo gris y unánime sobre este hombre. Glories, Barcelona.

4 comentarios:

lewi14 dijo...

What an impressive building! Great shot.

Senorita dijo...

I used to live close to this building in Barcelona.

It looks like a huge vibrator. It is so unbelievably phallic. My gay roommates absolutely loved it.

Okay, so did I ;)

Bcn_oscar1 dijo...

te ha quedado de muerte

arabesque dijo...

the man sitting on the bench emphasizes the structure's height.
making this shot more realistic. ^-^

and what senorita posted made me re-think about it. ^0^


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