miércoles, enero 28, 2009

The Liceu

Autumn leaves

Autumn, you don't how much I miss you. April, you don't know how much I respect you. Barcelona, you don't know how much you have me.
Soundtrack: "Hoy" - Gloria Stefan
Otoño, no sabes cuánto te echo de menos. Abril, no sabes cuánto te respeto. Barcelona, no sabes cuánto me tienes.

2 comentarios:

Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com dijo...

another great photo. I have enjoyed your photos and the photo of the window display with all of the modern silver lights was almost the exact same as one I saw in a Buenos Aires, Argentina shop window and I took a photo of that also as it is dramatic.

max dijo...

Hello i'm a new daily photo user and your country is for me a dream!! thanks, i have seen all your pictures!


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