martes, diciembre 02, 2008

The bride

She is so lovely

The groom could be in front, next or behind the bride, I don't care. The bride always be the queen of that day.
Soundtrack: "Los chicos no lloran" - Miguel Bosé
El novio podría estar en frente, junto o detrás de la novia, no me importa. La novia siempre será la reina de ese día.

7 comentarios:

Halcyon dijo...

Yes, who cares about the groom! What a beautiful bride. :)

babooshka dijo...

That is absolutely lovely. She is so gorgeous. Beautiful portrait.

namaki dijo...

what a beautiful capture ! ttheir expressions are great ! he looks very pride of his bride ! :-)

valeria dijo...

She is indeed gorgeous! And what a lovely pic! The bride is at the centre of the attention that day!

JM dijo...

Wonderful b&w portrait! Well done!

Snapper dijo...

This is a world-class photo. Perfect. Bravo!!

aa dijo...



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