miércoles, agosto 20, 2008

Is not what you see


I used to dream with dragons that launched fire from the mouth.
Soundtrack: "Death and all his friends" - Coldplay
Solía soñar con dragones que lanzaban fuego de la boca.

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Curly dijo...

Hi from South Shields, nice picture you have here today, ideal when the weather is hot.

I need your support, see my latest post at South Shields Daily Photo

Photographers rights in the UK and worldwide are under increasing threat and we need to make a stand now!

Unless something changes dramatically, this will be the last ever post at South Shields Daily Photo.

Kate dijo...

Love your caption. Haven't visited for awhile and after scrolling down, I see that I missed some very fine photos! Have a great day!!

babooshka dijo...

It is a great titile and a lovely summer image.

Patricia dijo...

Hermosa foto, disfrutando del verano? que bueno!
El dragon es simbolo de prosperidad y nobleza aqui en el Asia je je asi que bueno que te sonharas con ellos :)

JM dijo...

Me gusta mucho el angulo de tu foto! La salida del água 'sobre' la gente es genial!
Gracias por tu comentario.

Nany dijo...

Que bien captas a Barcelona, en toda su esencia, debo confesar que esta ciudad me enamora… y tus fotos son maravillosas…


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