viernes, febrero 15, 2008

Badalona neta

Ecologic stress


Badalona is one of the oldest zones of Barcelona. It has and an old area and a new one. This city It grows using the soft hills that go to the west. The photo: I wonder if stress could be be sent to trash containers.
Soundtrack: The sound of tv news: San Martín 2- River Plate 0
Badalona es una de las zonas más antiguas de Barcelona. Tiene una zona antigua y una nueva. Crece usando las suaves colinas que se dirigen hacia el oeste. Me pregunto si el stress podría mandarse a los contenedores de basura.

2 comentarios:

Pat dijo...

Wow! Wouldn't that be a good idea--to send our stress to the trash bin!!!


Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos.

g_mirage dijo...

Yes, that would be nice...send stress to the trash! I like the way that the man was dressed like that and he was near the trash can lol!

Buen dia!


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