miércoles, junio 13, 2007

Two dimensions

And behind was the sky

You don't have to care about what is in front of you, behind it you will always find the sky. MACBA - Barcelona.
Soundtrack: "Chasing cars" - Snow Patrol
No tienes que preguntarte que hay en frente de ti, porque detrás de éso siempre estará el cielo. MACBA - Barcelona.

5 comentarios:

Abraham Lincoln dijo...

It must be people washing windows and other people watching. The photograph is interesting.

Abraham Lincoln
Just a Lily today, plus a shaft of sunshine on my oak tree. A blessing for a bountiful crop — I hope.
Brookville Daily Photo

Beetle dijo...

Hey,did you notice that the man in red took a photo of you too? This is very nice shot!

Miguel Angel Servellón dijo...

10 amigo un verdadero 10.
Saludos y Bendiciones en esta semana

c'est moi dijo...

Interesting shot. Is that two seperate buildings or is the building made with two different sets of glass?

Steve Buser dijo...

Is that guy taking a picture of you?


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