lunes, abril 09, 2007

Poble Espanyol

Spain in small size

Poble Espanyol (Spanish Town) is a wonderful place where the different regions of Spain are represented. You can see their architecture, food, costumes and art. Silence is one of the virtues of this place located on the mountain of Montjuic, Barcelona.
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Poble Espanyol es un maravilloso lugar donde las diferentes regiones de España sons representadas. Puedes evr su arquitectura, comida, costumbres y arte. El silencio es una de las virtudes de este lugar situado en la montaña de Montjuic, Barcelona.

6 comentarios:

Miss Jones dijo...

es esa una vieira peregrina o sólo una concha mercenaria?

Miss Jones dijo...

perdón, mercedaria

Anónimo dijo...

This is an excellent photograph that captures the mood of the place and represents the best of the available light. I like it a lot.

Kate dijo...

Amazing architecture, and I like the spots of colour from the passersbys' jackets.

J. Andrew Lockhart dijo...

Looks like a relaxing place.

Jing dijo...

like the architecture in the distance...

nice sunday

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