martes, enero 23, 2007

Visca el Barça

The culé refrigerator

Walking by the streets I found this refrigerator with the colours of my spanish soccer club Fútbol Club Barcelona , do you like it?
Soundtrack: "19 días 500 noches" - Joaquín Sabina
Caminando por las calles encontré esta refrigeradora con los colores de mi club de fútbol español Fútbol Club Barcelona, te gusta?

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Ming_the_Merciless dijo...

WOW! Love the colors on the refrigerator. :-) It looks like AGA refrigerators, a very expensive brand from UK.

GiuCe dijo...

it's too much!!!
buu it looks so diferent :S

...amis seguro q te gisatría uno con franajas blancas y azules, "di?"

Curly dijo...


Cool! (wonders if I can buy one in Sunderland colours?)

Curly's Photoshop

Victoria dijo...

So bright and colorful, for true fans only no doubt.

santy dijo...

I love it! It would look nice in my house! :)

Carlos dijo...

Manque pierda. Es bueno saber que somos del mismo club. Faltaría más estando en Barcelona. Aunque hay otros que...en fin, se dedican a exportar jugadores y dar mitines en universidades. La nevera la he visto pero mi fanatismo no da para tanto. Merd, la mía es blanca (no había caído). Good to know we share the same team. Mandatory of course, being in Barcelona though there are some exceptions...who right now are exporting veteran players or delivering speeches in some universities in front of their own team followers of course. I had seen the fridge before but I am not a that fanatical. Humm, mine is "white", damn, same color as the rival team.

luggi dijo...

Are you kidding?!! I love it. I want one in my house.

Keropok Man dijo...

Wow! This is a really nice fridge.

Not the usual boring colours we see.

Kimberley dijo...

the contrast of color here is grand ...Enjoyed viewing your work

Nathalie dijo...

Yes I like it, it's funny and a bit different. Plain white fridges are so boring!


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