miércoles, enero 17, 2007

The drugstore

Any pill?

I really like this drugstore, It has art, so you can cure people, but you can give a good image too. So near is the best market of the world: La Boquería, Barcelona.
Soundtrack: "Lo ves" - Sin bandera
Realmente me gustó esta farmacia, tiene arte. Puedes curar a la gente, pero también puedes dar una buena imagen. Muy cerca está el mejor mercado del mundo: La Boquería, Barcelona.

4 comentarios:

Nathalie dijo...

This is a beautiful photo. I don't know what's so special about this shop, maybe the sign, but it appears very attractive to me.

Keropok Man dijo...

your photo just caught my eye.

my sis used to work in a pharmacy before going back to study her doctorate.

Ming_the_Merciless dijo...

Love the busy street scene in front of the pharmacy.

Dee dijo...

I wish we had buildings like these in Houston. Beautiful pic.


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