viernes, diciembre 01, 2006

"Day theme"

A Photograph from the Waist Down


The day theme of December 1st is a photo from the waist down, but my image coudn't avoid to catch more people. In Barcelona downtown it's not easy to find an image with an alone person. In the links below you can visit other blogs with the same day theme.

El tema del día de hoy 1ro de Diciembre es una foto de la cintura para abajo, pero mi imagen no podía evitar captar más gente. En el centro de Barcelona no es fácil conseguir una foto con una persona solitaria. En los enlaces de abajo puedes visitar otros blogs con el mismo tema del día.

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7 comentarios:

A Slice of Life dijo...

This is a very interesting shot. Lots and lots to look at!

Anónimo dijo...

Paseando, favourite pastime in many southern cities. Lovely atmosphere !

Randy dijo...

What a great photo. I love it.

edwin s dijo...

I like this shot a lot. You'ev managed to capture the beauty of the city as well as the energy of the people.

Anónimo dijo...

it must be a great day to go out! so many people around!

Kate dijo...

I like the photo very much because it not only shows the theme but the everyday life on the street. It is crowded, isn't it?

Lisi dijo...

like the angle and the city view in this photo!


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