miércoles, noviembre 22, 2006

True Colours



Do you want any cookies? do you want any toys? Or perhaps a sweater knitted by that woman? Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona.
Soundtrack: "Hurt" - Christina Aguilera
Quieres algunos dulces? quieres algunos juguetes? o quizás un suéter tejido por esa mujer? Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona.

4 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

could see the similar views in front of the primary schools in China.

Anónimo dijo...

She would sell you insurance and a carburator if you asked. Entrepeneur!

GiuCe dijo...

un triciclo de dulces... iamgen poco vista de la madre patria.

Ya q insistes,escojo un chocolatito XD

me encantan ese colorido!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Very colourful, lovely! I do worry about all those cheap plastic toys that you now see everywhere though. They break the second time you use them and it's all more plastic that goes to the dump. NO NO NO!


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