lunes, noviembre 20, 2006

Huge bones?

Art Museum of Cataluña


This museum has the colours of some Gaudí structures, in Barcelona is difficult not to relate beautiful architecture with the great Antoni Gaudí. When I took this photo, down and behind me was an amazing view of Barcelona by night. It comes soon.

Soundtrack: "No te avisa" - Gianmarco

Este museo tiene los colores de algunas estructuras de Gaudí, en Barcelona es difícil no relacionar la arquitectura bella con el gran Antonio Gaudí. Cuando tomé esta foto, detrás y debajo de mi había una impresionante vista nocturna de Barcelona. Viene pronto.

5 comentarios:

GiuCe dijo...

la gente se ve como esculturas tambien... :)

muy buenos tonos amis :)

Kate dijo...

Ah, greetings to you my friend. The building has so much character! Thanks for your visits (and I love your special greetings to me, too!!)

Eric dijo...

The people look like they could be part of an art exhibit there. Love this shot.

Anónimo dijo...

Welcome back! The darkness in the photo add drama and character to this already beautiful building. Wonderful.

Meg Nakagawa dijo...

People just congregating on the steps on a mild autumnal evening... Looks so wonderful.


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