jueves, noviembre 09, 2006


The man of time

The man of time never moved, isn't it ironic? His heart advanced so slowly or so fastly (it depends of what you are doing) but the rest of his body was frozen by the silence. People looked at him, he didn't looked at people. And you? are you so interested in the advance of time? Las Ramblas, Barcelona.
Soundtrack: "Linger" - Cranberries
El hombre del tiempo nunca se movió, no es irónico? Su corazón avanzaba muy lentamente o muy rápidamente (depende de lo que estés haciendo) pero el resto de su cuerpo estaba congelado por el silencio. La gente lo miraba, él no miraba a la gente. Y tú? estás muy interesado en el avance del tiempo? Las Ramblas, Barcelona.

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Carlos dijo...

La foto tiene una nitidez espectacular. es muy bonita la mirada perdida, el detalle del disfraz e incluso el labrado de la farola. Muy buena. Un saludo Valery.

Cèsar Pasadas dijo...

Buena foto. Podríamos hacer un libro, con las miles de imágenes tomadas en los ultimos 15 años, de la moda de las estatuas humanas de la Rambla. Buen fin de semana!

Lisi dijo...

I just can't imagine how these ppl remove or put up their make up everyday...not an easy job at all!

Matthieu dijo...

Talentful but above all ... patient !

Anónimo dijo...

Fantastic photo as always !
And the reflexion on time passing matches my own thought in Sydney yesterday!

GiuCe dijo...

muy reflexivo...el tiempo va y va, con nuestra quietud o sin ella.

saludos amis, linda fotis

Anónimo dijo...

using the clockface is a good way to draw attention, afterall he is not moving, he is like a time keeper for all who walks past him:)

Irrendento Urbanita,
Today (11/11) i've posted the 3rd Quiz on my DP. This quiz is special with an 'extended play time'. As you've joined for the first 'Dawn or Dusk?', I thought you might wanna know the third is up;) Hope to see ya

Meg Nakagawa dijo...

He looks like a character from a Sci Fi movie with a clock surgically implanted in his chest!

Eric dijo...

So he's real? Fantastic! And the time moves depending on what people are doing to him? Haven't seen THAT in Paris yet! For me, please slow time down...it moves too fast already!


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