domingo, junio 13, 2010

No colours, no life.

Spring house


Every city has a spring house. I would love to find autumn houses around the world. Premià de Mar.

Soundtrack: "12 por 8" - Alejandro Sanz

Cada ciudad tiene una casa primaveral. A mí me encantaría conocer las casas otoñales de todo el mundo. Premià de Mar.

5 comentarios:

Living In Williamsburg Virginia dijo...

Great color and beautiful iron work.

Darryl and Ruth : )

Leif Hagen dijo...

Such lovely flowers with the ironwork and lace curtains! Picture perfect!

T. Becque dijo...

Nice picture! I really like the two figures walking down the street.

madison dijo...

Qué maravilla!!

RNSANE dijo...

I would love for this charming place to be my home! It is so picturesque!


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