jueves, febrero 18, 2010

The Telephone

In extinction


In Barcelona you can find a few telephones like this. I wanna go to London.
Soundtrack: "La Lluvia" - María Villalón
En Barcelona puedes encontrar teléfonos como este. Quiero ir a Londres.

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Senorita dijo...

I used a phone booth like that to call home when I first arrived in Barcelona. There was no phone in my apartment.

Bcn_oscar1 dijo...

que raro s eve hace ver una cabina, en unos años tu foto sera una reliquia

RNSANE dijo...

I love the old red London phone booths..don't know if they are still in existence, though. I wanted to bring one back to put in my home!

Christina Klas dijo...

I love this. You could do a whole portfolio with pics like this and the door from a few weeks ago!

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