martes, noviembre 24, 2009

The crowd

Your destination

A mute chaos surrounds my feet, my air. Plaza Catalunya Station. Barcelona, Spain.
Soundtrack: "Pero esta tarde no te vas" - Alejandro Sanz
Un mudo caos rodea mis pies, mi aire. Estación Plaza Catalunya. Barcelona, España.

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RNSANE dijo...

I know all about that, having stayed many times at Placa Catalunya hotels and having taken the subway there!

Rob and Mandy dijo...

Chaos is the word. I am lucky enough not to have to commute, and I really appreciate this fact every time I have to take the metro!

Winifred dijo...

Oh I love the Barcelona Metro thanks for reminding me of it. My friend who has lived all her life there won't use it but I always do.

The packed stations like Catalunya and the quiet ones like Poble Nous, they're all amazing. It's great to observe life going on all around you in all its splendour or lack of it! In fact some of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life were on the Barcelona Metro and on The Tube in London.

I don't have to use this form of transport on a daily basis or I might have a different perspective on it.

Carlos Lorenzo dijo...

Pues si que estaba bien cargadito el andén. Interesante captura callejera.


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