domingo, noviembre 08, 2009

Bar Navarra

From País Vasco

"I just would like some tapas with jamón serrano and red wine". Navarra Bar, Las Ramblas.
Soundtrack: "Lola Soledad" - Alejandro Sanz
"Me gustaría unas tapas con jamón serrano y vino tinto". Bar Navarra, Las Ramblas.

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RNSANE dijo...

I was so happy during my four days in Barcelona to find Padron peppers! We only get them in San Francisco on rare occasions so, when I am in Spain, I eat them at every tapas place! Of course, the red wines are superb though the the tempranillo is not my favorite. I prefer the riojas.

Juanjo dijo...

Estupenda foto. Saludos


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