miércoles, agosto 06, 2008


Look up !

This is one of the funniest ways to go through Barcelona streets.
Soundtrack: "LOST!" - Coldplay
Esta es una de las formas más entretenidas de ir por las calles de Barcelona.

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Sally dijo...

Keeps those peddling guys fit, no doubt!

The 63rd anniversary of Hiroshima Day. A time for reflection and memory.
Sydney Daily Photo

Kate dijo...

What a fun-looking contraption! I'd love to own one and tool around town in it. Certainly would conserve gas!

Patricia dijo...

Que bonito!! a demas economico y medio ambientalista!..interesante.

ken mac dijo...

that looks pretty cool!

Steve Buser dijo...

Got to have stronger legs than I have to do that.

Kelly dijo...

It looks like a lot of fun! I imagine the drivers must be in fantastic shape!

Randy dijo...

Great photo and what a cute driver!


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