miércoles, diciembre 20, 2006

Centuries ago

Antique Barna


The dirty stone bricks of those big walls and the humidity caused by the rain took me to a past world where honour was much more important than today. Barcelona architecture.

Soundtrack: "A public feeding" - Horizon Deep

Los sucios ladrillos de piedra de esas grandes paredes y la humedad causada por la lluvia me llevaron a un pasado donde el honor era mucho más importante que hoy. Arquitectura de Barcelona.

5 comentarios:

tr3nta dijo...

que pena que ese honor se haya perdido... bella foto...

buenas fiestas...


Susan in Hotlanta dijo...


Perhaps it is a good thing that honor is less important today. We must remember that many deaths have occurred because of "honor."

Chris & Deb dijo...

beautiful composition. The colors are amazing and the architecture is so cool!

Regardeuse dijo...

With my friends, we are sent virtual gifts: we find your blog so interesting, that we allowed ourselves to put it in the Father christmas's sack.
Do you regret it?
In a friendly way

Carlos dijo...

La hora perfecta para una magnífica foto llena de historia. Felices fiestas Valery.


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