jueves, noviembre 30, 2006

looking at me

Joy in the ride

I think this small child should be happier, but it seems he was surprised. His sister is next to him and his father was taking photos. A beautiful image. I would have liked my father do the same, or perhaps he did it. I don't remember.
Soundtrack: "The man who sold the world" - Nirvana
Yo creo que este pequeño niño debería estar más feliz, pero parece que estaba sorprendido. Su hermana está junto a él y su padre les tomaba fotos. Una bella imagen. Me habría gustado que mi padre haga lo mismo, o quizás si lo hizo. No recuerdo.

4 comentarios:

Mandy dijo...

A very charming picture

Anónimo dijo...

I remember my daughter screaming with fear the first time she was put on one of those !!!
Also, have a look at Nantes Daily photo on 01 Dec, they have the other half of your photo !!! LOL

Meg Nakagawa dijo...

Maybe he was a bit scared?

Cèsar Pasadas dijo...

Magnífica de verdad!!!


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